Home of the Frozen Mug

KN Root Beer Drive-In

Old Fashioned Drive-Up
Burger Joint

Welcome to KN Root Beer Drive-In where we take our job of supplying our customers with quality food and an unforgettable experience seriously.

Our unique, old-fashioned hamburger restaurant gives patrons the opportunity to stay within the comfort of their own vehicle while our friendly car hops pay them a car-side visit to take orders and serve them their grub.

Each of our smash-style burgers is crafted from Certified Angus Beef and never frozen – always fresh. The root beer at KN is homemade and served only in the coldest, most frosted mug at our disposal.

Tastes Like The Good Ol’ Days!

KN Root Beer Drive-In is one of the oldest operating drive-up restaurants in Amarillo, TX. We’ve been in business for decades and are committed to upholding the standards we have always been known for.

Honoring tradition is one of the most important aspects of running our restaurant. The values we continue to uphold so dearly are demonstrated through our use of fresh ingredients and our dedication to homemade goodness.

Nothing would make us happier than serving you one of our delicious smash-style burgers alongside an ice-cold mug of root beer, so come on by today!

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Homemade Root Beer

The recipe of our root beer was deliberately and delicately hand-picked to include a variety of intense notes of flavor including hints of cherry bark, sweet birch, and licorice root paired with additional herbs and spices. Being served in an ice-cold mug with a distinct and enjoyable taste, there is no question as to why our root beer at KN truly stands out among the rest!

Come See Us!

Experience a taste of the past when you come eat with us. We’re excited for you to try our timeless creations and can’t wait to hear what you think!

We are located on the Northwest corner of Hobbs Rd and Olsen Blvd directly to the south of Hoot’s Pub and across the street from Big Jim’s Pizza Co.

Browse our menu and check out all the goodness we have to offer before you stop by and don’t forget to try a cold mug of our signature root beer when you get here!